clan huts

i have just read this forum and you have ponted out my dream

how about haveing tabels that you can sit down and eat on
stalls and cownters to sell stuff
ranges ,dummys,targets,bank chests,crops and a mill bilt into your clans
thare culd be ariers in the willdy do where you can buld houses and

im sry but jagex said there workin on something like that but we all know there lazy about things no offense to them

r they workin on it?..well if they are its not cause their lazy its cause they have so much to do…could you imagine trying to run a site like this? give them some credit BTW that would be really killer if you could do that only problem is people would be making clans just to get one then they dont follow through and jagex is left with a mess of time wasted

yeah that would be so koool

ya it would good there would safe paces so it will be easier for all of us

Probably take a long time to coordinate and program.

how does everyone find out wat jagex is working on?

it would be kool but who knows how long it wil ltake to finish if jagex is working on it

JAGeX is working on Clan Support , Im not totally sure what that includes but that is what it has stated in the checklist.

yah, i think that Jagex is working on it, i’m not totally sure tho…

ya that would take a long time to plan out and coordinate but hey havnt had a really MAJOR update like this in a while so it my be in the near future :wink:

i think the person who started the clan could also put like name of ppl n the clan on the wall or sumthing just so ppl wouldent hav 2 worry ppl walkin n their house n the wildy and getting killed

yeah thats wat i wanna no :?

if you check under news on the Main site,
there is a thing about behind the scenes

jagex is workin on houses, but mabe there will be like tables or like counters, that would be cool

I think the houses are members only.

and also, u can put stuff down on like in the giant cave, that table thing, u can put stuff on things like that