~Clan Rancid Knights~


60+ Hit Points

Clan Rangers Must Consist Of At Least 70+ Range

As Clan Mages Must Consist Of 65+ Mage & Have Done
Mage Arena.

URL: www.geocities.com/rancidknights

I Don’t Have All That Much To Post & I’m Sorry For It As It Is A New Clan
Are Current Members Are As Follows:

Kaper0 - Leader Lvl 67
Elvenknght - Co-Leader/Knight (me) Lvl 78
Sephy16 - Co-Leader/Ranger lvl 79
Zezimapku - Clan Knight/Ranger Lvl 76
Anarchymonk - Clan Mage Lvl 80
Shawnzy142 - Clan Knight - Lvl 66

Now I Know The Clan Leader Is Only Lvl 67 But Hes My Good Friend & As Been Playing As Long As I Have. But Just Stopped For A While.
But Hes Back & With A Clan.

Now With The Req’s Being Set You May Still Pass Without The Required Skills Such As Shawnzy142 Has Done.

The Reason For This Is Becuase Hes A Friend In Real Life. & Has Just Started Playing. & Although He May Lag Alot. He Has Good Attitude Towards Others & Is A True Runescapian. :smiley:

Now IF Any Wish To Join For As Of Now Its Just Friends In The Guild.
& As We Go Along Req’s May Change, Ppl May Get Banned From Clan. New Ppl May Join. Its Just Apart Of Running A Clan.

As We Are Not Full Up In Running We Have Not Posted On Fourms At Runescape. But Intend Too Soon. That’ll Be My Job.

Clan Color: GREEN. Clan Chant/War Cry: Rancid Knights Foe Life!!! (In The Color Green)
&/Or rk F03 L1f3.

Something Along The Lines Will Work, Be Creative & Make Up Your Own Line & Be Creative.

Some Rules:

No Scamming, Thats Not What This Clan Is About.

No Cheat Killing.
No Spies.
No Disobeying Clan Leaders.
No Attacking Team Mates In Wildy.
No Spamming.

No Allying Up With Anyone On The Clans “Black List”
Or Clans That Are Not Allies.
This Means No Mercenary Work For Other Clans.
Unless Aproved By Offical Leaders.

Sorry Don’t Mean To Seem Strict, & If Any Rules Seem That Way, Leave A Reply & We’ll Discuss It.

Clan Ally’s :

Note That These Few Clans Listed Are In Fact Clans Like Rk. & Are Small & Just Starting Out.

LES - Last Empire Standing - Zezzimapku’s Clan
ELF - Empire Of Legendary Forces - Elvenknght’s (my) Clan
AND - Anarchy Never Dies - Anarchymonk’s Clan

All Soon To Be Clans & Once Rk Is Started Off Right Some Of Us Higher Ranks Will Leave To Are Clans, & As One Where: “Rancid Alliance”

Capes: Purple. Chant: (In purple) Rancid Alliance Foe Life!!!

I’m Sure Theres Lots I Havent Covered Yet But I’ll Leave It At That For Now.

Be Sure To Leave Replys On How Good You Think Where Doing Or If You Got Any Tips For Us.

Thanks For The Help,
Mad Luv,
Clan Rancid.


~Elve & Team.

(Rancid Knights Foe Life) &
E.l.f. (Empire Of Legendary Forces)

  • AND & LES. (RKA)
    [rancid knight alliance]

rk f03 l1f3 w3ll 0wn j0o

Wrong forum,This has nothing to do with Help,It will be moved.I hope you get alot of members to join!

I appreciate the help, but don’t break the rules.

Sup my fellow clan member!..bobby just showed this site to me. I will be on later jimmy so peace out

Rancid Knights Foe Life!

Sorry Guys I Didnt Get How Things Run Im Gunna Repost, Mods Lock Plz.