Clan Recruiting!Everyone welcome!

The Alliance is recruitng. At the moment i am recruiting free-playing members who want all of the runescape world opened up to free-playing members. I am th only member as I have only just started it.The
Runescape Alliance. Members are welcome as our Wizards/Witches Will need Member runes like Law Runes.

I will accept all Levels. And if you require It I will kit My members out with full bronze kit. (I cant smith advanced iron stuff yet :cry: )
You may think this is an army but it is also an organisation to help the poor and needy. However My main function behindthis is to let weaker members explore the wildy (until the rest of the world is opened up) and have protection.

If you are interested go and register on the board and Apply for your desired position.

NOTE:Cheifs of depts are likely to get GP bonuses every month-kindalike a salary…but i havent decided yet