Clan: Saradoms Allies!!!~

If any one wanna join then come to the clan!!! :smiley: :smiley:

No forum,Website,No info?

umm my sig… you check that???

…-.- FIVE MEMBERS,i give u 0.00005/10 =]

dude at least i made a clan … and hey maybe i lost the advertisement… well now im advertising now so what you gonna do ???

I never said u could’nt make a clan.I am giving you a fair rating.

0.00005/10??? You are being a lil Sarcasim… hey… alot of people have 3 members in their clan…

I don’t really call “clan’s” with less than 10 members a clan i call it a team.

ok… Can i go back and recruit… To make my “Team” Into a “Clan”???

Sure,If you want some help p.m me

i dont need help… I got my Clan Members help

Backoff Ghostspike0, at least he made an effort to make a clan. Look who’s talking, you don’t have 80 posts lol.

I Don’t wanna flame.

Im jst doing my job advertising my clan… and then you come in SPAMMING in my thread… Pick on some1 your own size!!!

That’s not very nice.

Ok every1 that wanna joins!!!

Plz go to my sig and click the top link to go to my website!!!

And Plz VOTE!!