clan XXdeadhack ( dont take the hack part seriously)

hello evryone im starting the newest and coolest clan ever!
like any other clan we will do a bunch of stuff togeather if this clan gets popular i wll be making a website and will be promting to get on clan list of sites :slight_smile: my current account right now is kimchi1234 so be sure to add me i am asking for like a clan owner assist if your rely able
as mst clans do we will do trips such as

fishing trips
pking trips :smiley:
dungeon exploring and training
mining trips and other fun stuff


combat - level 50 or higer ( im 56)
attack ,defense and strength - 40+
ranged 15+ (im only 17 so sry)
prayer 20+ (im 30)
magic 20+ ( im 22 :frowning: )
crafting 15+ ( im 29)
mining 55+ ( im 63 and i would really lke for everyone to be able to go in minng guild)
woodcutting 30+ ( im 43)
firemaking 30+ ( im 46 )
fishing 35+ ( im 38)
smithing 35+ (im 51)

a good rep
ppl gotta like you

now if ppl start not trusting you you will be banned
you cant kill each other in pking trips or you will be swarmed

im not very good at ranged and magic as you can see so im looking for some warriors a couple mage’s and some archers i want a balanced team

if you are close to my requirements but dont meet them just reply and tell me ur name and ur stats

if you wanna join add - kimchi1234
and reply and tell me ur stats ok :smiley:


hey i just made a clan sig and are looking for a plca for our clan site :lol:
plz join it will be awesome

hey i have some pics to show