ne1 got a clan 4 me im lev 63

u can join my clan it is called sol blade clan.
The website is

join the message board it is

Check out Dark Rebirth…

is dark rebirth a good clan? for a lvl 78… with 70 range?

Yes, we are looking for skilled rangers

im lev 47 range i have mage long and short in bank so im ready 4 lev 50 lev 55 fletching wc=57 theivin=32 attack=56 strength=55 defence=46 hitpoints=55 and i have full blk (cos i like ) and rune scimmy and mirror sheild.

iamstraight you will already be excepted in if you have 45+def 45+ atk and 45+. Im almost certain captinzap or Thehighlypkableone will acept you

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come join nemesis warriors. we currently have 50 registered members. the reqs are combat lvl 60