Do you think poisoning claws would be a good idea? It seems good to me I mean claws pretty much stink but this would increase value greatly! Well please tell me what you think and, why?

P.S. be mature

I suppose it would, I don’t see the reason why all weapons can’t be poisoned other than they would be too powerful.

Good point…some weapons are way to weak. But the problem with that is you could make a bronze scimmi as powerfull as rune

Well if all weapons could be poisioned then castle wars,wildy,etc would result to massive power and the advantage to almost everything but yeah they should let you poision the claws…
BTW, what quest do you need to do to use claws?

You need to do Death Plateau

prolly casue tehy are under powered

If they made poisoned claws than people would probably get too exited and then claws would be in way too high demand.(this is just my opinion)

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I hate claws…theyre not powerful at all. but yea i guess poisoning them would give them better uses.