Clubhouse for clans

I think that RS2 players should b able to register (officially) their clan. When ur clan is built, jagex should build a clubhouse for that clan. But they should limit it to 10 clans per world. And only clan members can enter it by holding a card saying which clan ur in. What do ya think?

Any more questions just post below

i think it’s a good idea :wink: , but maybe there can be more clans per world.

If we have any more rs will become a city full of houses. Wait thats a cool idea. What about 21st century rs?

dont like the idea… either one of em, sorry! 5/10 cause houses would crowd up rs even club houses and i just dont want that… i dont like the idea of runescape having more technology cause it goes farther away from the medievel stage… :cry:

i guess u r rite in some ways

They could make one house per world (or more) and clans can book (reserve) it and use it for certain periods of time and only allow selected members in, used for clan meetings.

yeh, that would be a good idea, but only the most popular clans could have them, otherwise you would have loads of nooby clans in houses.

they should have house for like, di, devils, zf, moriquendi, ff, fear, and the other popular ones, wg. (well, kinda popular lol)

i hitnk what cyclops said would work

is it true soon you can buy houses?

awsoem idea ive been wanting jagex to do that for sooooo long.

That’s a bit like the clan registration idea I had a while ago.

I dunno about clubhouses, that might be cool though. How about clan items?

Hmm… actually I guess clubhouses would be cool. Nice idea. :slight_smile:

nah i dont like it to much, but good thought lol

That would be much more private than if you were holding a clan meeting in the wilderness or somewhere that has a lot of people!!!

Every one… Before you make another bogus suggestion read what i have to say…

Go to Runescape.Com
go to the updates part
go to behind the sceens
go to the first one and READ!

many of these have already been used for jagex… so by next year they hope to have player based houses/party’s/ shops…

Have clan houses seperate from the main world. If you’ve ever played a game where you can “teleport” to your own house. The clan owner would have to pay a large large amount of coins (thousands++++) You could register a clan without a building and then, the members in that clan could donate to the fund. This prevents newbie clans unless they come by the masses.

Ya it says that there wil b 2 new skills. carpentry and farming.

Yeap… Player owned houses… An old RS update check… I don’t know too much about it but I have known about it for a while…

That announcment was made on the 31st march 04. Its nearly been a year!