Clue scroll drop!

Didn’t get a pic of it on the ground. I got it from green drags so I picked it up and ran to the bank. It’s my first clue and green drags drop lvl 3’s so I’m hoin for an R hood. Help me get closer to my mask.

The clue says Citric cellar. If anyone know where that would be at or what it’s reffering to then post and/or pm me. It’s probably a basement with fruit, wine, or some kind of juice.

Butsweet man! Go to a treasure trail help spec report at runehq or tipit. Those are the best.

lol i have a llv 3 puzzle and its hard as hell its still in my bank

havnt done it in like 2 months

Good guide;

~:crazy: spartan

Thanks alot. It says this

Do I need to do any quests for that?

Wow, its not on tipit! Dont know then…
Yeah nvm…

Nope…u dont have done any questes.

tell us what was your reward k?

Sweet. I’ve only had 2 lvl 3 clue drops.

first one i got a robin hat and some rune weaps

second one i got a guthix helm, 2 rune baxes, and black chaps

good luck

youll get some rune items and possibly some t, g or god stuff

No, look on your map north western of seers village and look for the grand tree. Go in there and look for the heckel dude.

~:crazy: spartan

Nice!! Good luck :slight_smile:

did you get it yet?

Hope you get something really good :slight_smile:

Good job on your clue scroll find. I’m still doing level 1 clue scrolls. I can’t seem to get the chart and the watch and all those things to do the clues with the coordinates. How do I get those things?

You get the watch by speaking to Brother Kojo in the clock tower, which is south of East Ardougne. You get the chart by speaking to the professor in the laboratory.

when u get the reward, post it, id like to see wat u get from the lvl 3, ive never seens a lvl 3 award before

I’ve never gotten a lvl 3 clue before, but good luck on yours. :slight_smile:

I got a puzzle now. If you go to the link that spookers posted you’ll see it its the one with a monster thing on it. I was about half way done and I got bored and logged out. I came on a half hour ago and clicked on the puzzle and it was restarted. I was pissed at first but then I was like whatever. I don’t really feel like doing the puzzle and there isn’t much more I wanna do on runescape. I might stop playing for a while. Give my money to my friend irl Pvt. Poodles. Or maybe I’ll waste all of my money on stuff for a pure. I’m gonna keep 200k to stake just for fun. Thats it…I’ll be on rsr more.(If I quit)

For puzzles go to the 6th ranked best guy in runescape’s site and click on guides, the puzzle guide is way better than anything or runehq have.