Clue Scrolls

I went and killed a goblin and got clue scroll and i did it and got a willow longbow and 38 mind runes, i’m confused how do u get better than that is there lvls to clue scrolls i need help!!! plz

go on this it is a complete treasure trail guide

ty ty ty ty very much this is useful thanks

hey thats a pretty nifty site you got there :slight_smile:

i find t better than, but it doesn’t give u the exact location of a co-ordinate where as runehq does

tnx man i was looking a long time for a good rs site

sometimes u can get crap stuff

Every level higher gives you better stuff than the one under it. Just because it is a high level doesn’t mean it’s going to give you extremely good things. You could do a level 3 clue and get black dragonhide chaps, a few arrows and sharks…

thanks everyone for all this good information ty ty ty