clue scrolls...

well as far as i know thats what you call them lol,well ive been a member for a day (not including today) and i just finished lost city :smiley: so anyway i was just wondering whats best to kill to get lvl 2 clue scrolls so could anyone tell me?

i think gaurds

Guards are the quickest and easiest yes but ice warriors are good xp

lmao, funny story, i went to kill some ice warriors about a week ago to try and get myself some lvl 2 clue scrolls… i forgot to check my health, and the last thing i’d done was go pking. i had about 6 hp left (i didn’t know this at the time) and when i went to go fight the ice warriors, i got one hitted by one, losing about 100 chaos runes! annoyed? i was SO pissed off i kicked the computer, which then froze. lmao. moral of the story, alwas check ur hp before doing sumthin liek that. lmao.

Guards are quick, but you won’t get addy (g) as often. Ice warriors are slower but youcan get better rewards.

lol pugh nice story made me laugh lol :lol:

thxs everyone for your input i think ill go for guards first then kill some ice warriors later :slight_smile: