Coal Running

I need to raise my mining skill so i will be mining coal for anyone who wants it. I only will workj on 3 orders. Jus leave ur rs name and how much coal u want on here and how much you will offer to pay me.

Rs name: jessy210

the ore wanted: as many as u can get me if so ill take all…

ill take 1k coal please

RSN: mushu200
500 coal please

rsn-the faddy
amount-1k please! Or whatever you feel like getting me

RSN:aj chambers
ore wanted: 350 please

rsn “wizzard pars”

ill take 2k plz if you can i dont
mind how long it takes ok pm me
in game if you want. :smiley: :smiley:

2k plz -00avs00 much needed grasicis

hmm…1k coal sounds like enough for now.

I am currently working on the first few orders however it may take a while because my computer has a promblem and i am planning to try to get it fixed sometime soon. If you could please post how much you will be paying and i will accept payment in hundreds of regular bones.

I’ll order up to 5k coal and i’ll pay 180 each thanks - el grego
(rs name = sparowhawk30)