colored gloves

is there like a members colored gloves store or do i always have to buy them off sum1?

there is store

And to actually give a detailed answer, I will help. There is a store in Canifis where you can get the colors red, gold, grey, purple, and teal. you have to do the Priest in Peril quest to go there. You can also get green gloves in Relika (I think that is what it is called). You have to complete the Fremerick Trials quest to buy those.

how much does this cost?

red-? so on so forth

P.S. Icedearth do you like your avvy?
its alot easier to tell its you… i could make it in red with black bg if you want… red text that is…

All the gloves cost 650 gp each.

P.S. red and black would be nice, send me a pm with it though.

well srry i didnt know he wanted were to get them and how much

too bad im not a member… i would buy gloves and sell them for fair price maybe 700 each but thats it…

lol i am a member its so much more fun

ill buy for 700 each please sell to me… im gonna sell to these freeplayers for 750 each… save them a few k here and there. ill buy some just pm me and ill reply with a time and place when i can…

what color and ill sell

I’ll buy gold gloves

am goign to buy any ones red gloves and boots for 1k

ok u can sell i dont feal like it now

dam i wish i was a member

man and ive been buying them in the thousands…IM BEING RIPPED OFF!! :evil: 650 for gold gloves? wow

i wanted one of my RS friends to get me the gloves if i provided the money for them.but then he kept on yelling at me about them being members but i said they are not becuase i have worn gold and purple gloves b4.wat should i do to get gold gloves at a good price thats not likw 2k?

Ill buy some gold gloves for 800. Are there gold boots?

Hello? cant a mod or sum1 give me a fair price on gold gloves?

(if mods say “why dont you just become a member?” well i cant become a member im not allowed)

Don’t bug mods to give you good deals. They’re here to make sure everything stays in line and that people follow rules. They’re not here to buy stuff from members worlds to sell to f2p people for good prices. If you want to buy colored gloves for a low price, find a friend who is a member and ask them to get you some.

first it aint gold… its just yellow… second yes there are boots but only members can wear them theres a full set of robes in each color