Combat Levels

Since this site does not have a combat skill guide, I am asking people to post the best non-member and member places to train combat levels becaus I am rich and have nothing to show for it.

F2P:I would suggest Karajama Skeletons or Lesser Deoms.

f2p i would suggest lesser demons if you want strictly combat exp or giants if you would like to gain a little prayer exp as well as combat

p2p it depends on a weapon…if you have a hally (like me) it really doesnt matter to much what you train on because you have reach. Now if you decide to go for a higher level monster with only a rune hally it might take some time to kill it. If your not using a hally I would suggest training on ice warriors and such

Deadly red spiders near lessers is good too as well hobgoblins, at the moment my combat level is only 70 :frowning:

i’d say lessers or mossies for ftp

f2p: lvl 1-10 goblins
10-20 cows
20-30 guards
30-40 white knights (bring food)
40-50 deadly red spiders
50-60 black knights
60-70 whatever’s above
70-80 lesser
80-90 lessers
90-126 anything

But this site does have a combat skill guide. Cyclops shouldn’t you know about it? Its the training guide under special reports

from about 70 combat id say lessers for free…and if you are p2p…it really helps to do legends as the shadow warriors are very fast exp :stuck_out_tongue:

i suggets you go for ice ganits if your lvl is 45

Ya, I’d say thats about right.

50-60 black knights

Really? Hmm… Maybe I should try that… I guess a lot has changed from RSC and RS2… (I really haven’t played RS2 that much and I was used to leveling up with Lessers in RSC since they acutally were weakened the entire time when you attack with the silverlight for the first time… Oh well…) Plus, aren’t the black knights usually crowded? I just remember it being like the giants place in RSC… Always crowded for their drops and such… Although, it wasn’t that crowded inside of their fortress…

f2p hobgoblins. easy kill and easy exp.
p2p rock crabs!! lvl 13 with 51 health points nad never ever hit. they also sometimes drop lvl 1 clue scrolls. yay!!!

rock crabs are great for clues and strictly xp.
giants/fire giants/jogre/ any giants are good for xp and prayer.
dragons are good for items and clues and xp and prayer.
black demons are good for items and xp.

umm uh… wat does f2p mean :?:

It is people who are not a member. free 2 pay.

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