Comics, on my terms.

I’m planning on making a comic for all the Devil May Cry fans out there (including myself). Since pixel panels are tedious and very time consuming, I’ll do one a day, or whenever. Here’s the first panel:

I’ll post a story board of the whole comic by next week or so.
Also, on spring break I plan on updating everyday. (Spring break here is after next week.)

Hopefully you’ll enjoy this action packed pixel comic, which is a first in my experience.

Looks awesome so far.
sickmate 8)

Looks nice Sturaiku. :slight_smile: I will look forward to it. :smiley: It is sure to be a thrilling series.

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loving it

[/McDonald’s nubs]

Here’s an update.

They’re real good :slight_smile:
Goodluck with them


They’re awesome! I really like this, Sturaiku ;). I’m looking forward to the next images.

thats awesome.Im working more on animation.I can make it animated.Not like movie maker.I mean make the character move.All i need the guy design and .Your ideas what you want lol.

Nah, animated .gif files have repeat after the animation is finished. I like the comic and the person’s imagination to blend each scene in.

Lol.Your funny who said it start all over?I can make it take like 10 seconds until starts over agian o well

Eh, I don’t want you to go through the trouble, but thanks anyway.

Make more please? :S

Updated by popular demand.

Wewt! :yummy:

I saw it on MSN. I love the new addon! :veryhappy

Lol i am loving the story line :slight_smile:

The next page is going to be a full page picture, so it might take a while. :slight_smile: link is already expierd

Actually, I just reloaded the picture with my copyright.

Looks awesome so far, can’t wait for the next part!

Great updates Sturaiku. :slight_smile:
It is funny: “They expose their damned faces, until I shoot their head off”

:slight_smile: I can’t wait until the next update. I can already see this coming really well. :smiley: You might want to add the eyes to this main character this time. :tongue: