comparing me… (the noob)… to zezima… (the hero/ranger/number 1 guy/etc…)

lol did u just start followng her and start talking to her? i would find that very annoying…lol. but anyways, glad to see she got her prayer up (her prayer was 73 exp from next lvl and she would turn to 126 combat)

zezima is a guy :s

Ooo my friend said that it was multiple ppl playing on that account constantly. not just one person :stuck_out_tongue: but i dont know. i thought he was right becus Zezima actually does talk to him in PM as a friend.

And you would know how? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not many people know, though he prolly is a guy…with too much spare time…way too much.

Way, way too much.

~ ewok

i would call zezmie a newb and ask for her or his forgivens and cry :frowning:

im just tellin ya what my friend tells me, cus when i was at his house he was talking to Zezima. i didnt see her/him say that he was a guy though. and my friend says its multiple ppl…

i only said “zezima” … “nice” then i went to kill a level 84 with a santa hat and 3 items (skulled)… (i didnt get the kill :(… )

he is a guy, when he put p chat on “on” for a while i asked , he replied , then turned chat off again, next time he logged in a saw him, he called me a noob

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