^The all knowledgeable title^

Onions with my Cheeseburger MMM!

Hey! You stole my idea!! Thats not nice! but I voted ketchup anyway :wink:

Yours wasn’t about condiments, it was ketchup or mustard

same basic idea :mad:

:frown: I’ll delete poll and ask for this to be locked if you want?

like lettuce, onions, bacon, cheese, mayo and ketsup,but sucks to be mustard latly
u wana now something stupdi scary…i have a friend that has a fobia for condements, she has like a spasam attack when u get ketchup or mayo or w/e near her

I put on 2 slices of cheese, and they are cooked with onions. MMMMMMM good.

I don’t put anything on my cereal or my burger. :). I like things to be plain.

This doesn’t pertain to cereal…

If a mod says it pertains to cereal, im gonna kinda sorta agree with him.

Ogo doesn’t scare me, I’LL PWN OGO THE FAT!

Have fun getting temp banned for the hell of it, my friend.

I like my burgers with everything besides mayo and onions.

well, I usually eat burgers with cheese, ketchup, lettuce and bacon, sometimes i don’t put any of these, others i put them all, and others just some :stuck_out_tongue:

lol wtf? if that wasent a joke than thats a very stupid thing to say…y would he get banned for not liking something a mod like…jeez

lol. al the things i voted 4 is good for me

All of the above…

Ketchup owns :slight_smile:

Mmmmmmm … onions. :slight_smile: