Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics

Continental Drift is the movement of the continents.
It was suggested by Alfred Wegener. Scientists rejected
this because he didnt know what caused it to drift apart.
He also named the first continent Pangaea. Though he had
evidence from climates, fossils, and coal mines, they still
wouldnt believe him.

It was until the 1950s-60s where sonar was created. 

That made them discover the mid-ocean ridge,the longest
chain of mountains in the world. That made scientists look
back at the continental drift. They combined the idea of
sea-floor spreading (adding new material to the Earth by
convection currents) and continental drift to make the
Plate Tectonics Theory. It stated that the continents
drifted apart from Pangaea to Gondowana/Laurasia to
present day using sea-floor spreading and
also the movement of plates. The plates moved apart
about 2-4 centimeters each year of near 20 when an
Earthquake occurs.

Do you believe that this is all true and the continents
really used to be Pangaea? It might be like that
again,but in a different positions. For what happens to
the continents,will not change the way we live life.

Please Post Thoughts.

Thank you.


I believe that. My geography teacher said that you can fit all of the continents into one big mass (pangea) like a puzzle. For example, try putting South America and Africa together.

They may colide into eachother but I dont think they will ever be one whole thing again like cuba will crash into florida.

Isn’t it Tectonic Plates? Lol.

I learned it was Plate Tectonics

Continental Drift + Sea-Floor Spreading= Plate Tectonics

Cool, i’m just learning about those things in school:)
I do belive it though
PS: And i that’s true , then we kinda have proof god doesn’t exist;)(just putting it with it)

Tectonic plates are the continental plates that are moving. Plate tectonics is the theory that they are moving.

I bet you can! But, i`m too lazy to do that.

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Theres also Ocean Plates or Plate that carry oceans.

Oh yea that too. Well most of the continental plates have oceanic plates in them except for the pacific plate. It just has a few islands on it I think.

And most of those oceanic plates and continental plates are made out of granite.

Plus, scientists have found fossils of plants on Antarctica, which proves that Antarctica wasn`t always near the poles. That, or the sun has moved.

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Because it used to be with Africa and Africa used to be cold,which meant that they were together…and they were apart of Gondowana/Gondowanaland

Yeah, but it doesn’t say anything about that in the bible.

i just got these things in school and no the continents will neven become pangea again also they will probaly never become 1 continent again but there is a chance that some continets split in 2 because of eartquakes and global warming(rising of sea water)

Hey India used to be a seperate island until it crashed into Asia. Now its land is part of Asia, so it is possible that a super continent will form again.

It might be way different than Pangaea.

Ya, but it’ll be a super continent.

And also the ocean will look more expanded

Pacific Ocean-Deep Ocean Trenches cause ocean floor to subduct,which makes the Pacific shrink.

Atlantic Ocean-Since there are less Deep-Ocean Trenches in this ocean,the Atlantic is expanding