Cooking Contest 1st Place 100k

Calling all cooks lvl 32 and higher. You must be able to go into the cooking guild. It starts at 9pm cnt. ( 10pm Est. ) on Friday April 1st at the cooking guild in world 10. I am the one and only judge and u will be judged on what types of food you have. I will not provide anything except for the prizes. You keep your food you cook. No trading with other contestants for money or for any reason at all!!!

1st Place 100k

2nd Place 50k

3rd Place 25k

4th Place 12k

5th Place - Last Consolation Prize of my choice. I want at least 10 contestestants. Plz post or contact Snapplekid13 to join!!!

Hey if no one is signing up i wont do it!!!

memeememem! can it be fish? or something thatw e need to bake? can we make more than one thing?

Ill do it!!!

You can make as many things as u like it can be any food item I dont care.

i dont really understand… how do you win? the highest thing you can cook?

If u are gonna do it u gotta give me your user name on rs ok and u must be able to go in the cooking guild

cool, ty, you are being very nice

I might do it, my rs name is michaelks

I have a list of all the foods u can get on rs and i rated them 1-10 and the person with the most points ( as much as 280 ) wins!!!

Redman I need to know your rs username!!!

My rs name is redmen12
i will definetly do it

ill do it :lol: :twisted: my rsn is charlie 456

wati a sec, so if i make a ton of all one thing i can get a lot of pionts? like is there a certain nuber of items you can make? u need to giv us more rules

I might do it, my rs name is michaelks

I might do it, my rs name is michaelks

on the day can someone lend ema chef hat i need one.

To answer you question Grapeape101 lets say chicken is worth 10 points ( not really ) and each time you haveanother one the value goes down by 1. Example: 1 Chicken=10 pts. 2=9pts. 3=8 pts. and so on and so forth. But once you get to where they are only worth one point, it stays there.

You can only submit as much as u can hold at one time (28 items)!!!

no offence, but i think this is a very stupid contest