Cool pic

Tell me if this is a pixel or not. I made it.
Rate 1/100

Well, it’s plain, we can easily see the pixels… 10/100 just because the guy at the bottom is cool lol.

It’s not a pixel…


Get a better picture editor.

What defines a pixel?

Only thing I used was MS Paint.

Using only ms paint is no excuse. I’m gonna give it a 5/100.

And it is a pixelart…just a poorly done one with next to no shading.

is that a cookie in the scky? cause if it is, im gonna hack into the computer network, idgitalize myself, and grab it b4 that cool guy down at the bottom finds a way to get it b4 me. i give it a -3/100


horrible…you made the pic just to get +1 to ur post count?

Id say 2-100 to be nice… Get some tips of the pro’s! and go to the forums

ill give u 100/100 just cuz everyone else was being mean lol

Hmm. It’s a ‘bit’ plain don’t you think? Ummm…I will give you 13/100.
Don’t sound to be mean, it’s my honest opinion.

wow you guys are jerks… Its just a little plain but still the man is pretty well done. Try shading a little more and maybe adding little things to fill it up a little. Overall Id give it a 20/100. Just keep making them and you will eventully get beter.