Cool to think about

Wut if monsters and demons just one day flew into
the runescape world and started a war.
Then us runescape citizens would have to fight back in order to save
runescape. It would be sooo cool if everybody in runescape
went to war.

If that happened all the defenceless people like miners and woodcutters and herblore people would be screwed. But we would win easily though because there is somany of us and not many of them.

fights KBD in Lumbridge square

This would be so awesome, but only if you had a choice of fighting or not.

Then the poor power noobs with 3 combat and high skills wouldn’t suffer. :wink:

Or a server dedicated to it.

A server dedicated to it would be great! But think of all the programming it would take, and there would bound to be glitches.

It really seems like people have taken an interest in massive Runescape wars lately. Which is a really cool idea.

If that were to happen, I would be on the front lines 8) .

I’m don’t know if there would be glitches…

They’d just allocated NPC’s to new areas, like the example above having a KBD (or a few) roaming from Lummy graveyard to the sheep pen.

There might be glitches like npc’s start attacking other npc’s. It might happen in an idea like this that would take a lot of programming.

How would that happen? Surely the npc’s aren’t programmed to attack other npc’s yet? :?

It may take a bit of programming but it is a cool idea. :slight_smile:

There are already at least two of these topics out already.

that would be a great idea…but like only have it last for a certain amount of time so like they would all come at once or over a period of time but when you kill them they dont come back and like after its over it all starts all over again, but they would need a new server dedicated to just this though

i think that there would be areas like wildy for that and monsters would fly lik edragons into lad and fite