Coolcicada and Dogboy776 DM


It was just for fun and he protected his scim cuz he had to go right after.

Enjoy :smiley:

cool i expect better from u … :frowning:

he’s only one str lvll higher and i was hitting well, but thanks

Congratulations. I see you won by a good amount of lobbies.

nice duel was it?

It was fun–Good free exp=)

We both hit a couple of 18’s:D

Next time Lets Full Rune?

hell yeah

and btw i won fair and square for all of u out there… :smiley:

wot combat lvl r u i mite dm u

im 85 he’s 87, i will dm u, but just for fun

kk im lvl 88 i’ll tell u wen i want a dm jst gotta find a space in my schedule…

ok, since idk u very well it’ll be scims only with str pot and 27 lobs just pm me on rs, the name is in my siggy