coolest person on rsr

in my opinion, chaos noob is the coolest and nicest person on rsr…hes my hero!

w000t! someone else added to my fanclub! lol but seriously thnx. i really do appreciate that.
I think…umm…maybe like Mrparris or Redwraith or any of the mods really :slight_smile:

hmm…the coolest person…anyone here live in antartica? (wow, that was a corny joke)

:smiley: Someone picked me! My fanclub is bigger that your’s Chaos ;p, I think that Mrparris is the coolest!

…ohh :frowning: Redwraith puts my fanclub to shame lol. i didnt know u had a fanclub Red!
yea i think Mrparris might be the coolest cus hes so funny and…umm…yea.

Lol, I have a fan club :stuck_out_tongue:

*Ahem :bouncy:
Chaos is ok i surpose

Ahem? You want me to mention you? Who are you anyway?

YESSSS another for me! lol jk, thnx again. i really do thank everyone who thinks i am at least someone who they can respect on these forums instead of just a spammin little noob :slight_smile: ty ty.

Yeah i have to say chaosnoob is cool, but no match to Mr Parris!

no actually i didnt, u know some ppl can b so rude on these forums

Lol, it was a joke!

Lol thats okay boats cus even i said Mrparris was the coolest. i doubt i wouldve been compared to him lol.

Oh and BTW didn’t amod say no more of these topics? Because there was Best Known, and Coolest, and well known? I though only GC’s topic was allowed…

lol i appolyigise then Redwraith, i’ve just been annoyed by a few ppl on this forums for no reason. I wasnt sure if u were jkin Sorry bout that :frowning:

It’s okay :slight_smile:

Lol besides some of the mods… I think da three coolest dudes here are chaos, redwraith0, and the one and only… Malibubrad! LOL JK I actaully think mrparris is the coolest. :cool:


O so GC gets special treatment huh? lol JK but yea i think there was a topic saying there were not allowed. Until it gets locked…

Daniel (XGod) for sure is the coolest person on RsR. I mean, he’s a cool person, not to mention he’s really smart. And he’s good at his job as mod. :thumbsup: keep up the good work Daniel.

Malibu is also great :slight_smile: