Does anyone here cosplay? I highly doubt it but was wondering.

i have no idea what you are talking about.

Cosplay is short for costume play and is where you dress up as your favorite character from anime, cartoons, games etc. when you go to anime conventions and other conventions. You normally make your own costume and it’s mostly for fun.

Sounds pretty “GEEK-ISH” to me…

Yea, maybe so. But you know some people say the same thing about people that play runescape and other M.M.O.R.P.G.s, diffrent people have diffrent tastes.

I’ve seen a lot of images where people dress up as their favorite character from a certain anime at anime conventions… I’ve never done that myself but yeah… Sorry for making such a dissappointing reply…

Yeah. I know what that is. I see it all the time on G4 TechTV. I’m going to start doing it when I’m able to drive. My parents think the people who do it are whacko, so I can’t exactly do it right now.

i with ya all the way it dose soud geek-ish

Na Geminiman that wasn’t a dissapointing reply, at least two people here know what I’m talking about. I was wondering about this because I’m going to Oni-con and am thinking about cosplaying. And to anyone else who think this sounds/is geek-ish, I realy couldn’t care less what you think so don’t bother putting it in this topic because it’s already been stated and as I said before diffrent people have diffrent tastes.