Could someone make this Transparent?

Could someone make this transparent for me?

Umm like the words cut out?

Like have the background of it transparent. With no white around the letters whatsoever.

If only my Photoshop trial hadn’t(sp?) run out I would have helped you out, but now I can only sit and watch your pity.=P


If you cannot do it, then why would you make a pointless post and spam?

Whats the font? If you tell me I can remake it as transparent.

Ooo lala.

it might not work…

nope it didnt, well kup got it anyways

Maria- The font is Linkin Park on Dafont. And I still want you to try because I like how you made yours.

Fabbbi- Thanks!

Rulerofzeworld- Thankyou for trying.

Alright. Do you mean with the glow? Because if you want the glow just tell me the color.

Make it just like yours please.


I hope thats good. Tomorrow I can try text on a curve for that one but right now I gotta go watch My Name is Earl.

Edit: Crap! I just looked at it and its looks horrible. I’ll try again in the morning.

Eh, I don’t like it very much, please try again in the morning.