You guys must of heard of a game called counter-strike (THE number one online first person shooter) IF you havn’t then your missing out on so much

Here are some screen shots of the game:

My score at the end of a game(Notice how im top as usual :slight_smile: )

If you do have the game add me on msn

Or if you have xfire my username is slinkyxl2k.

Hope to frag with you some day :slight_smile:


So no one here plays cs?!?!?!?!?!?!

Heres a screen shot of where i just played. I owned 3 people!! :slight_smile:

Come on people!!

Where can you get counter strike? Is it an computer game? A mmorpg? A xbox game?
Nvm I found a free download of 1.6…

A free one? nice :stuck_out_tongue: tell me once you get your steam n shit done and add me on msn :slight_smile:
By the way. its a first person shooter

That game is so awsome!!! My friend has it and i want it so baaaad!!

uhm thats kinda old 1.5?
i play cs source now …i own!! haah
btw u had alot bether stuff at 1.5 and 1.6 than that

1.6 owns

he is so good he might be going into a premier division clan

i also plays it!

Is this Counter Strike Source of half-Life2? :expressio

:m1helmet: ~Pierre~

agh…I cant download it back to google…

i love cs, my brother was really good too, i play it as much as rs, its really fun, especially knifing people in the back


CS OWNS i play cs s and i think i got some picks of me ownin ill post later :slight_smile:
ANyone play on the Cleric John Preston 24/7 office server?

DUDDDEEE i love cs i play more then RS =( sorryz to say… i usually play cs_assault, awp maps, dust 2 and dust !@#!@# my highest score was like 50-60 range kills and 5-10 deaths forgot exactly :frowning:

Best server I.P: Server name:[euphNET] Pub #6
it’s those servers where u can respawn once you die (not like super hero mod or warcraft 3 mod, just regular respawning)

i play some cs i play rs when it gets boring and i love aim_pistals i LOVE that map

Oh,finally a server where u can respawn,that’s why I played rtcw:et more and stopped playing css :expressio

:m1helmet: ~Pierre~

Wow nice one ke7 thats a nice score. I play on it to like all the time but im really lame, still love it though

[b]I myself am a veteran CS player. I’ve been playing since the 1.4 days and can own most people, despite having to play on a slow connection.

I play both 1.6 and Source.[/b]

ur not one to boast r u

how do u get it? do u download it or buy it or…?

Well i did both chaos i think u buy the game, but if u want to play it online i use something called Steam, try seeing if u can play it just off steam (u download it)