Couple dms and a kill

This one was with cyrus when he was lvl 100 very close i killed him when he was trying to eat.

this is another dm with cyrus he was lvl 105 i was 98 he got a bit confident and didnt eat for a bit i did a 20 22 combo he died trying to eat once again.

this one was funny he was lvl 109 i was lvl 100 in the middle of the fight he said no eating. so i didnt he didnt either but he hit a 27 on me with a rune battle axe

sorry for the double post but heres a new dm

my last hit was a 28 and thats all the hp he had left :smiley:

Dang man. Sweet kills! I wish I could get some drops like that…

Awesome kills m8

Thats crazy man. Congrats on your kill and new items.

sounds fishy to me. how come in 3 of the 4 pictures, u have almost nothing in your inventory while he has like full rune and full pack of lobsters?

because my invintory was full of food and all those where fights to the death