Couple Kills From Yesterday

I decided to go pkin for about 2 hours yesterday and the results were: (I missed a few kill pics but blah)

nice howmany laws were there

I pked about 200 laws last night all together

nice lots of laws there

Nice PKs there Sport :melodrama

hey wanna pk together you can look me up xdark nite

gladly, im out pking atm

Wow, NICe Job

what software did you use to download the screenshot??

wow i wish i cud pk like u

sweet kills

I use Gadwin Print screen to get my pics its the best Print Screen out there

Sport, you own! Nice pk’s :slight_smile:

Nice kills! I wish I had your membership and skills, but nice loot also.

sw33t dood thats ownage

nice spoils there

Thanks guys!

very good kills

dats poonage right there, you made something like 1m-2m last night or something?

About, I missed like 3 pics of kills