Couple kills today

got this kill about 10 mins ago

got this kill this morning

wow nice PKs, was that after u killed soulofdeath? lol

Wow! there some nice kills

lmao whos the lvl 3 out there?

very nice pks :slight_smile:
good job

like your squiggly(sp?) lines covering your stats, but still can figure most of them out…

he was hideing in mage arena so i went in and killed him

congrats…nice kills blink…

lamo what is the highest u can hit with level 107 str?

Nice kills blink, you know what I don’t understand?
Why people take ammy of glory and ring of wealth…I mean why not just take an ammy of strength… and I mean seriously, do you think you’re gonna get better items when you kill someone with the ring of wealth? lmao

nice pking

Nice pks…ll never be that good…any way the ppl u kill do they send u pms saying “rematch!!” or do they say"Can i plz have my stuff back!!!" lol…still…u got major respect from me blink :thumbsup:…even though it dosnt really mean somthing from a small lvl like me lol


Wiser words have never bin spoken lol :jester:

Nice Pks! And they way you are hiding your stats are very affective :stuck_out_tongue:

very nice pk’s. u could have did a better job of hiding yur stats lol.

why do ppl bring their cats in wildy? or was that Bob?!

Lol, Ring of Wealth in wildy, what are these people on? And I bet if you could attack the level 3, you would :P, well at least I would.

Oh and my herblore ownz yours, especially since I spent 1.4m in herbs ysterday ;P.

OOOO lol you show us so many of your kills!!! now to reveal your deaths :slight_smile:

beauty ur a pking master blink :slight_smile:

Wow, your my number 9 hero…what, doesnt everyone have 10 heros?

cool ye i wish i could get kills like that :slight_smile: envied eyes

sigh Another 2 Peeps Who Have Tasted Blinks Wrath…What A Shame…:slight_smile: :eek: