Craft add-in

in the skill craft p2p players should have a section added:clothes

in this section of crafting players should be able to make different clothes like hats gloves boots and othere things the clothes would do nothing but enhance the players craft xp and make him/her look good :cool: :cutie:

i totaly agree i suggested something similar (see new uses for dies) it’s a few below yours. I think freedom of expressing through clothing is an essential gaming element for online games esp. massive ones like R.S. since many ppl play to talk with other ppl.

I agree to we should be able to spin clothes

put this on the rs forums

This could become a very big project. It sounds simple enough but think about the different styles and colors of clothing that would become available. It’s a lot of programming and work. This same thing happened with player owned houses. I’m not saying this shouldn’t be done, just mentioning in case anyone wonder why jagex doesn’t use this idea right away.

I’m all for it. I say we get the use of looms to weave our own cloth. Looms and spinning wheels should be closer to bank than they are now. I think that would be awesome.

Wow, Nice idea. I agree.

Very good idea
Wear ripped blue shirt

Or something like that!

i found this wile looking at swiftswitch. realy detailed virsion of what u talking about.

wow that was ridiculously detailed.

i like this alot. u finally have a use for all that silk u steal in ardougne lol. but u should also be able to make jackets, with like fur collars, like what bikers wear lol. u should also be able to put logos on ur clothing and stuff, and ur own custom designs on ur clothes.

sound’s again like a safe suggestion. I like it though, it brings a genuine way of actually being able to auction things off that your creativity brought.

agreed. yes very good i want it 2 happan :wink:

Sounds good, yeah, it would give bear fur and silk an actual purpose, too.

bear and silk like have no use ive not seen any use for them lmao good idea

i agree - great idea! :smiley:

lol luke posted twice the same thing…shows obvious post-getting-up lol :smiley: jk
that zybez thing is ridiculous lol i wonder how long he/she/it spent on that

great idea

dont forget grey wolf fur too, lol. but this is a real good idea, why dont u guys post it to jagex?:smiley:

this is actually a good idea! :slight_smile:

finally something else than lukejames’s(inser number here) childish and retarded ideas…

That is a great idea. If you are not a member I can post it for you on forums.

lol, tru there dude. but really, why dont u guys post this to jagex?:huge: