Crafting Guide Screw Up

In the new crafting guide, the green dragonhide chaps are where it is listed as green dragonhide vembraces. Also, the green dragonhide vembraces are where the chaps are supposed to be. Just thought Iโ€™d point that out.

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I may have found another mistakeโ€ฆ
The guide says that non-members can craft dragonhide, but unless Iโ€™m mistaken, there is no way for non-members to get through the members gate of the lava maze. Correct me if Iโ€™m wrong, but the only thing I ever see to kill at the lava maze is 2 lessers (by the โ€˜muddy keyโ€™ chest.)
And yes, the green chaps and vambraces should switch spots in the guide.

yes all dragon is members

not green dragons they are f2p

that doesent mean you can craft them, crafting is a members skill isnt it.

I believe that crafting green dragonhide is a members skill. Also, flopster, where can f2p players kill green dragons?? (I know we can buy green dragonhide armor, but Iโ€™m talking about killing the dragons and crafting their hides.) I thought only members could kill dragons. The only โ€œgreen dragonโ€ that I know of is Elvrag for the dragon slayer quest. I want to kill green dragons and craft their hides, if itโ€™s f2p. otherwise, bummerโ€ฆ

I think flopster is suggesting that f2p players can wear green dragon hide.

north of edgeville

  1. Those items were simply in the wrong place, no need to call it a screw up.
    2)There is no way to enter the second gate inside the lesser area. Or the Red Dragon Isle.
    3)Crafting is a free to play skill but free players cannot craft dragon hides.
    4)I think free players can wear dragon armour.
    5)Green Dragons are located at level 37 wild under Red dragong Isle

Alright :slight_smile: I knew the first four things you mentioned, flopster, but it was number five that I was wondering about. Lvl 37 wildernessโ€ฆ f2p can go there. Looks like Iโ€™m going for a trip after class :slight_smile:
Thanks for the help, and for #4, yes, f2p CAN wear GREEN dragonhide only (no blue, red, blackโ€ฆ). The green chaps and vambraces can be purchased in the champions guild south of varrock, and the green body can be purchased at Diangoโ€™s place (I believe thatโ€™s his nameโ€ฆ) to the west of edgeville. Heโ€™s the guy you have to talk to about the dragonslayer quest, and he sells the rune platebody.

I went to the wilderness, where you said the dragons should be, and there are none. I asked a friend about it, and he said that they only appear on members servers. I guess you have to be a member to kill and craft green dragonhide. Just thought Iโ€™d let ya know :slight_smile:

oh ok iโ€™m a member so they are there for me i guess we were all right.

umm sorry to say green dragons are not under red dragon isle, there under the lava maze. You can craft just not dragon armour in F2P. Free players can only wear green dragon hide. What the hell, you can enter the gate to the red dragons as long as you are a member. Theres only 2 mistakes, the vembraces in the chaps line and i didntโ€™t put a star above dragon hides title.

First why are you sorry to say? Second the lava maze and red dragon Isle are right next to each other so they might be under both. Thrid I meant there is no way into the second gate in the lesser area or Red dragon Isle unless you are a member.

Ok, but still theres none under red dragon isle.
O was sorry because u were wrong. :smiley: