crandor isle....the mining paradise?

im doing dragon slayer,but i still dont have the 3 map pieces,so i want to know:the 4 mines that are in crandor,what they have???
and,is that a good plçace to mine?

One mine has a bunch of mith, one has mith, addy, and cola, one has cola, and I think the other is coal. It is not a good place to mine because there aren’t any close banks anywhere.

ya thats why no one mines there and lol iced “cola”

but isnt the mith and addy good mines?
ah,and is there any monsters?

When I went to Crandor for the Drag. Slayer quest, the rocks around there were pretty good… Although far from the bank though… It depends on how many addy/mith rocks are there and if it ever gets a bit crowded… But seeing that it’s really far from any bank makes it seem like no one would mine there… BTW, this was all in RSC so I don’t know if they changed it or not in RS2… I forget if there were any monsters… I don’t think there were any until I climbed down the ladder into the hallway where you fight the dragon… But then again, it was all in RSC, I’m not sure if Jagex added any monsters on the surface of Crandor in RS2…

There are like 8 mith rocks on Crandor, and some coal rocks by the moss giants. It’s a pretty good place to mine addy, coal, and mith, but there’s no bank closeby.

8?! Woah… I acutally might consider that if I survive long enough to get there… (Cause of those dang lessers and such…) It would be nice if there were a bank nearby but oh well… Seeing that getting there would already be hard enough probably makes it an unpopular place to get high level ores… There’s also the Lumbridge Swamp mine which holds about 6 or 7 coal rock, 6 mith rocks, and I believe 2 or 3 addy rocks… Although it may get crowded with nothing but high level miners who look for mith rather than addy (Well they probably mine addy when it’s spawned…) it’s not that bad of a place to go… It’s kinda far from a bank but not too far… I go there sometimes to mine mith if I think the mining guild is crowded in which it is 99.9% percent of the time…