Crap I Died!!!!

I was doing Troll Stronghold and I attacked a Troll General without turning on Melee Protect by accident. He hit me twice and I died (the killing hit was a 32)… I lost:

Ammy of Glory - 110k
Wealth Ring - 100k
Rune Full Helm - 35k
Rune Kite - 55k
My Zammy Cape - Well nothing because I got it from mage arena.

Total - 300k

wow that sucks man sorry :frowning:

Oh, wow that sucks… I hate when stuff happens when Im not paying

Man, Some Unlucky death… I hate when that happens.

300k gone…owell least u didnt have dragon on

I hope you can get it back, some how.

that happened to me yesterday while i was fighting lessers

Dang… Sorry to hear that… I hope you get that stuff back eventually… But yeah, if I ever become a member (Which I highly doubt that’ll ever happen…), I’ll keep in consideration never to attack the troll general…

i’m sorry to hear that u lost 300 k… but yeh, i hope u get it back eventually. Next time: pay attention… jk :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, that sucks

better remember to put on ur prayer next time

that had to suck, the same thign happend to me when I went up against elvarg, i lost rune chain body, rune scimmy, rune full helemt, rune platelegs, green cape, dimond ring, amulet of defense.

Poor you. 300k just gone like that. At least you didn’t lose more expensive stuff. I have a worse habit of dying.

that really blows i die all the time in wild but never with 300k!!!

i wasn’t in the wildy…