Craziest pkers!

whats the craziest pkers you have seen???
crazy meaning going out into wilde with amazing stuff on.

a few days ago i was walking thru lvl 22 wilde, jus next to bandits when i see sum1 in da camp. cudnt see exactly who it was so i legged it round and came face to face with a 124 with drag legs drag square abby whip drag chain! and craziest of all he was wearin a blue p hat!!!

was so gutted that he was 2 high a lvl for me 2 attk cuz i wud of dun it knowin that i wud of got owned jus bcuz theres that tiniest chance taht i cud of got his stuff. ( i mean like 0.00000000001 % chance lol)

so if u wana post ppl u ahve seen then plz do

btw the person was called u gowin down and he was on world 69 if ne1 wants to see if he comes bak :slight_smile: