crazy gnomeball in wildy?!?!?!!??

here me and friend dudeman cow were playing a bit of gnome ball

and again

just look at my wonderful technicque

then a noob came but we wernt going to let him spoil our fun!

but then our fun was ended and in a second of that!

anyway if any of you have played gnome ball in a crazy place then plz post in here!

lol, that was funny. (try karajma, with demons and lava. lol)

Oh yeah, well I’ve played gnomeball ON THE GNOMEBALL FIELD!! Aren’t I wild?

Ohh yes you’re a wild one!! LOL I haven’t played gnomeball… At all… But why don’t you try the legendary… Varrock center! Oooo lol jk why don’t you try somewhere like a dungeon.


well so far ive done wildy, barrows with iamstraight0, chaos alter, castle wars and soon hopefully in members dungeon near lvl 175 black deamons or lvl 288 great black dragons =):):):):):):slight_smile:

I’ve Played Gnome Ball At My Friends House IN Real Life!! And I Killed My Friend!! (jk) Anyways, Nice Picks…lol

I played In mort myre swamp near vampires

Geez that wud be wild overload!

omg stop too much!!! lol

Lol, the people who saw you must have thought you were crzy!
Yo but how do u get the ball off the field?

lol nice makes me laugh

whats the point of gnome ball and how do u play??

lolz v ery funny

Lol you should have brought tele runes or ran for your lives and threw the ball at those 100 levels heads lol.

OMG i just had a great idea…
rsr should set up a gnomeball party in world 2 falador centre!! like 100 gnomeballs being htrown around!! ROFL!

playing next to the kbd would be wild, but playing with him would be wilder!