does anybody play cs 1.6

Yes i do…usually 1.5 though lol

i have CS source, i think its better. i also have some 1337 hax to see the other team through walls.

source… ahhhh man i love sources awps =P… but i like cs 1.6 overall =)

all i play is sc source…but i only play it at my friends, my comp isent fast enough

Your steam account will be banned then…using hacks on VAC bans you…and i dont think there is any for source

www.mpcforum.com dude

VAC is BS… tons of people hack still… VAC only works when ADMIN reports…

SOURCE, BABY!.. yehh that junk is hot. started playing cs since i was 9… (cs 1.3)… now i’m 12

Old Cs are best