~Currently Taking a Break From RSR and RS~

I’m currently take a Break from RSR and RS, I just need to do some Exams, So, I won’t be on for a while…

:wizard: ~Salmoneus~

Ok good luck!

By the way do you own that website http://runescape.salmoneus.net?
It’s a really good place and I use it a lot!


I actaully don’t think he does hehe (Not sure though, correct me if I’m wrong…) But it’s a shame to see you leave RS and RSR for a while… Oh well I guess school and exams are much more important lol


Many people are taking breaks… but I hope you come back soon, and get done with your exams… my exams are next week, so I guess I’d better study… Good luck :wink:

Yeah, mine are this week. Good luck on your exams, hope you do well and glad to hear you’ll be back soon.

good luck on your exams, and hope to see you back soon :slight_smile:

Farewell, it feels good to be done with school already hehe. Just kidding, good luck with exams.

Dunno why but I’m still here during my exam weeks. I think I’ve messed up the last 3.

Oh well, good luck with your exams and I look forward to your return (so I can taunt you for no good reason).

>_<… Man, I really shouldn’t take breaks from now on myself but have fun while you’re on break and best of luck with the exams… Just think that you’ll be done once you’re exams are finished… Well, good luck and have fun… Sorry for making this late…

c u later, good luck on the exams