Curse servers.

Like, make a few servers where you can curse and the rest you cant, like a server you can say what ever you want, and no one can be “offended” beacause its their fault they went to that sever, but jagex would warn you before entering. What do you people think?

Or even just a option to turn the filter off

Yeah, I was thinking of making that my thread instead. Accept all people would see was “hey you ******** I **** and **************” lol.

I think that would just waste a ton of space, it’s pretty pointless if you ask me…

I think they should do that, but what if little kids didnt know what it was and went on it and “learned some new words” I mean then the world would turn into cursing mania. So then again they shouldnt make it. It would also take up room on jagex computers and not that many people would get on it.


Um, well thats what the warnings are before you enter the server.

It could have a parental lock or something

Yeah that would work, but how is your parent(s) going to know how to do that? Theres no way they would find out, and I sure know the kids wouldnt let them know.

No way. This would create absolute chaos. Everyone would swear about, there would be people scamming, shouting insults, cusses, name-calling etc. I would not agree with that idea…

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Yeah, kinda what Salmoneous said… Jagex could also lose popularity with this… If parents found out there were these servers, then they wouldn’t allow their kids to play… Jagex loses a lot of customers and RS goes downhill… I mean, I can understand when people just wanna take it out on annoying people and such… But believe me, there are much better ways to do it… Would you rather curse and risk making yourself look bad or would you rather outwit the annoying person and then make him look bad? Believe me, annoying people on RS are usually hot-tempered and will easily lose their temper to the most miniscule of insults… Just outwit them and then they’ll be cursin and such… With that, you can easily report them or just have a bunch of people around laugh at the annoying person, or both… Basically killing two birds with one stone… You get back at the person while not risking being banned at all… Well, maybe not exactly killing two birds with one stone but yeah… Otherwise, if you really need to curse at them, try getting their e-mail or AIM screename and then curse 'em out there cause Jagex can’t hold accounts responsible for things done outside of RS…

lol…this post really shows how chrildren act today…

isnt it enough that you call your friends/parents names and curses like insane at school and home?

now you want a digital place, a whole server, where you can curse and call other people, that you dont even know and have never met, nasty names…

just try and stop for now…and listen to yourselves…

just listen to yourselves…

I totally agree with that…

Well basically the post implies that you want to curse everyone. I don’t like the idea.

Good point, it could still block out all those scams…Like whats your credit card #? Or type in your password jagex blocks it out, maybe it could still block out the main scams and the word pass word.

I just find the filter incerdibly annoying, for example I was talking to my friend, and I said cockney, of course it came out ****ney. You should be able to turn the filter off and have a parental control aswell, cause I couldn’t really care what anyone says.

Ffs…you cant even say “selling full addy 30k” like I was trying to, the dam filter stops me…

It’s not gonna happen. Jagex doing this would encourage cursing. If a ten year old accidently came onto that server it would be… bad, to say the least.

However, I absolutely hate that I can’t say Coral Springs. (My city)

It comes out as C**** Springs.

Well…Jagex atleast needs to update the filter, their over doing it.

They’re overdoing it because nine year olds play this game.

This is a bad decision i think. This would create total chaos. It would turn this game into a freakin swearing contest i think. yeah the filter is a little bit rediculous like i cant say retard…thats a bid rediculous or even suck.