Cursed sights guide to the perfect pker!

ive seen alot of people asking what to add to their pker so i decided id give a very BASIC run down of each type of pker.
The Range Pure:
Range pures will hit fast and moderatly hard at low levels the clasic range pure will have nothing but range and hp as his combat stats so his level will be realtively low. here is an example of a classic range pure
combat level:35
range: 50
attack: 1
str: 1
magic: 1
def: 1
prayer: 1
when out in the wildy you will normally see a range pure with dragon hide legs, and vambraces and leather body.

The Mage Pure: Mage pures do extremely well in the wildy and can some times be a pain in the butt when fighting. the classic mage pure will have a very high mage level and relatively low combat level and hp.
Combat level:30
mage pures hit for ALOT of damage at low levels, (any where from 8 to 16)
depending on their magic level.

The Prayer Beast: The Prayer beast is an intresting pker as he will have an average str and attack, or average range, or average mage level but with a very high prayer level, often times using protection from (insert combat style here) to protect him in battle
The stats of the average prayer beast might look like
you will see the average prayer beast on the prowl in full monk robes with his weapon of choice.

there are many different types of melee pures but as i am making a very basic guide i will only do a few. Melee pures will often have enough attack to weild rune and a very high strength level and realtivly low defense level hit will hit pretty hard and often depending on his sword/axe of choice. here might be what a melee pure would look like
Defense: (Veries(sp?))
what make all the different types of melee pures are their defense levels obviously the higher their defense the higher their level

1 defense: Iron Pures: these guy have no defense and are often wearing full iron, they will hit hard for their level

10 Defense:Black pures: these guy are much like iron pures but with a little protection. NOTE: in my opinion this is one of the most common type of melee pure

then there are the lesser common mith, addy, and rune pkers which like the melee pures above but with much higher defense and combat levels.

so those are the basic pkers classes of runescape please dont mind my bad spelling and i hope this guide helped a few of you out.

thats cool

nice gide it give good info

pretty good guide…short, but informative=)

Wow! You have a nack for pking guides =) I’m going to try the prayer beast type of guy since he seems like a very freaky crazy pker lol. Ty for the info! Really appreciate it =)=)=)

Yeah, Nice guide, Thanks… It was great of you, to put it up here.

:wizard: ~Salmoneus~

ty i’'l start my melee

i want to work on my mage i need chaos dam it

it covers all the basics so good guide. The only thing I would add is most mage pures in P2P have 20 def to wear mystic robes.

nice guide. i think il start a mage pker now.

Thats a very good guide to show ppl cause I see ppl asking that a lot :slight_smile:

47 attack
46 strenght
45 defence
but im lvl 40 magic n lvl 20 ranged n lvl 25 prayer.I have full rune and am lvl 56 , im melee based obvisously but is that a gd pker?

Strength is what lets you hit more damage…so try to leveling your strength!
Good luck!

your not a pure. and in my honest opinion not really because your combat level is higher than all your stats. what will help you though is to rais ur strength higher, to like 60+

Rofl, no you dont make prayer beasts they dont work, anybody who thinks their pure will kill somebody with only one combat stat is mad, most pures has str and ranged 65 with att 50.