Cursor Precision Test: Part 2

I can’t find the original thread that the test was shown on, but most of you should recognise this anyway.

While this makes me (EDIT: feel) bad, well, it’s still pretty funny!

Mine? Heh, that test was fun, everyone got scared :slight_smile:

Lmao, I love that video. I’ve seen it, but every time it still makes me laugh :slight_smile:

ckracks me up everytime i see it kekekekekeke

lol, stupid kid.

Oh My God.

That is horrible. and funny.

Why thats horrible… Yet it makes me wonder… why the heck can’t I ever find little kids to make fun of?

hmm… let me think… Aha! my neighbor kid needs to take that test :wink:

LMAO!!! He starts banging the computer…
EDIT:I don’t want to turn the volume up…