Custom Text for Siggys

When I download a text file how do I install it?

If its in a zip file, extact it into C:\WINDOWS\Fonts. If extracted successsfully and u can c it in that folder, open tat font file once and u can use it in any program.

how to download fonts
my computer was tricky and hopefully it works for you.

  1. go to dafont.
  2. find your font and see the download button two the right, right click and say, save target as. save it in: my computer >> PRESARIO (C:) >> and creat a new folder called fonts.
  3. go to start >> my computer >> PRESARIO (C:) >> Fonts and find the zipped folder. it should look like a normal folder with a zipper on it.
  4. Right click on the zipped file and say Extract all, say next next next finish or whatever the box says you have to do when it comes up.
  5. a box of fonts should come up after you finished it. right click on one and say copy
  6. go to start >> control panel >> apearance and themes and to the right it says see also and look for fonts. click on the fonts part ( a large number of funts should come up) and paste the font in the fonts section (ctrl+V, Edit>> Paste, Right click >> paste)