customized first click button

should runescape allow you to customize the command for ur click button, like you can say that when u click on an item in the store you always want it to register as buy 10 instead of value item, or when u click on an enemy always attack it no matter what level it is?

I like the idea, but I don’t know how widely used it would be.

pkers would use it, people who buy things would use it, people who mine would use it, people who smelt would use it, mages would use it if they don’t have staffs…ect ect ect

thats true, but if i were a mod i would have moved this to suggestions…

Ya, that would have been the best place for this topic.

well if ur not a member u need to stop complaining because at least you can play runescape you ungraitful person

wdf are you on about damuall??? you are posting in all the topics so fast that you are getting cofused! ha ha ha ha ha…

i think this should be in suggestions…but could you imagine how hard it would be for jagex to do a thing like that!

I’m going to have to express my opinion, and I know this is off of the original topic so I apologize in advance.

TheHighlyPKableOne and rugeba, you two have just contributed two useless posts. You two are not mods, why do you feel you have to do a mods job. They are always scanning these topics and if they feel that a topic should be moved, they will move it. They don’t need to be reminded.

If you don’t have anything to contribute to the topic, don’t post.

yea…also tyme just a small point to TheHighlyPKableOne and rugeba…feel free to express how you feel about where this topic should be but there is nothing stoppin you from contributing to the topic aswell…

anyway, i like the idea it would really help with things like fletching where when you string you bows…you have to take out 14 of each…imagine being able to take out 14 on 1 click:p…lotsa work for jagex tho.

I’m not saying they don’t have a right to express their opinion, but I would be great if their opinion had something to do with what the topic was about, not just “This needs to be moved.”

i like the idea but then again i dont because…do you know when your in like a dungeon with alot of high level monsters and your trying to run past one to another one…well it would suck having to right click and select walk here so that you dont accidentally attack the wrong thing

well then I’d have suggested makin sure it was on walk here only when u went into such a dangerous place lol