Why do people cut?
Why would they?
What is the point?

because they dont like their life.

before i start may i point out that lizzie, you are incorrect.

People cut themselves for many reasons. sometimes when people are depressed they cut themselves to make them feel better. there’s people that like pain.

And if anyone here is going to say anything bad about cutters then dont bother posting. Im not demanding, just asking, as any cutters that see RSR may get mad

theyre weird people, only 3 worlds.

not to criticize anyone, but i do not think it is right

I think if they didn’t like their life, they might want to “cut a little deeper” (putting it politely). I have a friend that use to be a cutter, and she said that it was just to feel something. Maybe not pain, but she was really depressed and she wanted to make sure she was still able to feel, at least something.

Other than that, nobody has been able to pinpoint exactly why people cut.

sorry god chaser but i gotta post my opinion…people who cut r stupid flat out…who would cut themselves?? its sick disgusting and just plain wrong…i could go on but im gettin upset b/c someone i know used to do it and almost cut herself to death

well, becaue we have skin, and its cuttibull

ive cut many times b4… some times because of depression, stress, and the pain sometimes calms my nerves… i don’t care if u call me stupid or ne crap like that its just what some people to do… i did i still do…

god-chaser’s right, but some ppl abuse it and use it for attention… i make it sound like a super power :twisted:

ppl cut themselves so they can feel something instead of nothing at all. The people that cut themselves can’t feel anything so they have to make themselves feel something so they can make sure they are still alive

as soul said (he didnt spam!) some people cut for attention. They think that if they cut they’ll be noticed, even if in a bad way its better then nothing they say.

Calenel, im glad you decided to post that you dont think its right instead of insulting them. I respect you for that.

Not to say, of course, that i dont respect all of you; Hellsrival, some people that are very smart cut;people that cut arent necessarily stupid.

Chaze, I dont like that you said they are weird. That may be your opinion, but share why its your opinion.

Is it perhaps because you don’t understand them?

I know a few cutters. When people are extremely depressed, the pain makes them feel good, sort of like getting high. The only problem is, that a couple minutes after cutting themselves, they no longer feel good, but even worse. So they cut themselves even more to try and feel good longer, just like when you get used to a certain amount of pot. They get addicted to doing it and just keep doing it until they either cut too deep, bleed to death, or get help.

It isn’t that they hate they life, on the contrary, a person I know that used to cut loves being alive. He would never cut deep enough to kill himself. It is just something some depressed people do to relieve pain. If you know someone that cuts themself, I would suggest seeking a counselor or someone of that sort to try and talk to the cutter.

people cut because either their so pissed or depressed and that they feel its the only pain they can control

that’s not at all true…