cya guys im quitting

Im quitting runescape, I have died 3 times. All 3 times wearing full rune…I no alot of ppl say its easy to make money…I have no skills to make money with. And am dam lazy to start. :yikes: I might play on my ranger not sure. Hate how some people are in the game. They play for greed and not enjoyment. so with that note cya later rsr… Might check graphics forum once and awhile.:cool:
And all people who hate my pixels go F**k yourselves… jk im not that mean

nooo why u leaving? and if u do can i getz urz stuff pl0x?

but u shouldn’t leave because u lost like 1mil of items

dude…i lost 160m in a stake and i still came back…making back money from 3 rune sets is really easy if u get your skills up

my point is i hate skills…i would rather not use skills at all lmao… If you stake 160m… somethings not balancing in your head jk…But if you stake that much…You have the will and a way to make money…
dark your not getting anything…theres nothing to give…

comon man im ur mate!!

so you want me to give you free stuff…

at least sell me the dds -.-

I died with the dds… I have nothing…I think a rune scimmy but thats about it

Just quit already. Why does everyone think they need to make a thread when they quit. Just PM the people that are your friends and care.

jus cos u have no frends:p i rekon rs is alright its got a point it takes longer to do so u dont finish it in 10seconds thats y its fun:D

Dang man…good luck in real life

Well, best of luck to you. Rs isnt everything.

just mine your way up to level 70 and save all of your ore. you’ll be able to buy it back.

Dude give me ur account plz.(and i’ll take the rune scimmy).Even though you dont know me be nice plz.

Cing, make your own account…dont begg for others

Good luck in life i guess?

Rofl I’m sick of all the noobs asking for other peoples accounts…**** off and get a life…Sorry to see you quit, maybe you’ll reconsider another day (most of us do).

ya I think threads about quiting are against rules.

bye bye…

Your a noob i lost Full RUn 13 times…jeeze lol ive lost 5mill of shit…but i have pretty good mining fishing and amazing Woodcutting



Sorry to see you leave, well done for leaving.

Lets see F*ck you to?

Leave him the hell alone you freaks.