~*~d Chain~*~

YES! FINALLY! The item i’ve always wanted & now i’m so excited to finally have it. It costed me 21M, due to noob merchanters. :bouncy: :ouch:

I just can’t say thanks another for Zak, let me borrow and helping me advertise. A true friend I must say. One out of about 15 who said yes. I don’t care what your exscuse was, if it was real or fake, I’ll just remember. :yes:


…I must be getting to law crafting here in a bit.

!~! Gratulations on D chain !~!

Whoa! Where the hell’d you get that?!

And I’m a dude.

^^Thanks, I am also 85 combat by the way.

I haxxed it. :wink:


Thanks :heart: Emmy :slight_smile: ;).

heh ur welcome :heart:

st00pid post.

ok that was wierd, totally off topic and i think spam.

gj jeffy man.

like your siggy pic zak btw

woot gratz!
so close to full u shud save up for ful wiv whip hehe :smiley:

Thanks, I made it myself.

finally!!! sweet!!! now whens ur party?? lol

nice now get d legs congrats on your d chain

I have to pay back Zak ;.

If I didn’t, I’d be going straight for legs and a whip. Then the accesories :D!

Are you on runescape right now jeff?

w00t congratz :smiley:

No, I’m going to get on my pure, get 40 range, then I’ll craft laws for your cash. ;|

congrats on the chain, and btw… spouse?

congrats dude… thats kewl

^^I asked Zak if he’d marry me for being a true friend ^.^.

…A joke, basically. Thanks all.