d med!!!!

SEllin d med…starting and 2.3 mill

Freak no

how much do u think drag med is worth lol? 800k…yea watever…no more noobs plz

i thought dragon medium helms were worth 1.5m, mayb i was wrong. and whaddya know, i just spent my 1 mill…

Guys Deagon Med. Helms are worth at keast 2 millino gp.

omg, everyone saying thats a bad deal, d-meds are worth 2.2mil to 2.4mil each. hes not giving a bad deal!

just kill fire giants they drop dragon meds and they’re not much harder than lessers. hope this isn’t considered spam

2150k and 2 rune scimmys 126 rune arrows 199 rune javelins 1 rune battle axe and some other stuff so it will be like 2.3-2.4mil and if I dont get incontact with u I get like 2.4mil cash in no time :smiley: rs name dead776762

fg`s are a LOT harder than lessrers they ave a freakishly high defence and they drop d meds i think about 1 in a 1000 times (not sure about it though)

Fire giants might drop Dragon med’s 1 in 1000. But it’s definitely not 1 in 100!

I’ve probably killed 1000 fg’s…never seen anyone get one there.

Anyway…I’ll buy your dragon med.

Message me in the game: browser72

u need like 2 days to get 2mil(i have lvl 71mining)&1 and a hlaf days to get a hihenough lvl to kill fire giants

I meant 1000 thanks for telling me Editted now :-p

i heard that d legs worth 3mil d bod 30mil d helm 1.5mil etc…