D3aths Door Clan (recruiting anyone 40+, who loves to pk)

D3aths Door Clan

The D3aths Door Clan (aka DDC) is now looking for new recruits to join. This is a new clan that was recently opened, our main objective is to pk, own the wild, have fun, and of course make money. With a newly created clan we have a ton of positions open, and we are looking for members to fill them. If you love to pk, your active, energetic, outgoing, and looking for some fun you are urged to join now.


The D3aths Door Clan was created after its cousin clan the D3ath Door Clan collapsed a few years ago. The D3aths Door Clan was lead by D3ath Door1 (me now known as D3aths Door), and Pure pk80 (now know as D33ths Door). The DDC owned rsc, and rs2 when it newly came out. The D3ath Door Clan was feared by everyone, the red capes were know by all, and the leaders of the clan were well known. However with the changes in runescape numerous members decided to become members to pk and benefit from the new changes to runescape. As more and more changes occurred pking was slightly effected causing a ripple in the D3ath Door Clan. This caused numerous pkers (in and out of the DDC) to drop out from pking, and the clan suffered. Recently the D3aths Door Clan was formed by me to replicate the old DDC. With runescape 2 finally stabilizing and new leading methods learned the new DDC has a great future ahead of it.


The DDC accepts all three combat styles (melee,magic,range) along with hybrids (a combination of melee,magic,range). For each combat style the requirements change, to view the requirements click on the link below.


Some Rules[ul]No bsing
Obey orders
No slacking (100% effort)
Be active
No racist, or gender related remarks
[/ul]Other info.

I know with a new clan people don’t expect it to live long, and some hesitate to join because they are unsure if the clan will survive. I’ve lead the old DDC (before it fell) and it prospered, not only that we became famous we were well known, and we dominated the wild. I now run a level 75+ pking that is prosperous as well, and we are doing extremely good. Unlike the old DDC I have made tons of changes to prevent any problems from the past recurring. If you love to pk then I encourage you to join, and give this clan a chance.


[i]When we have enough members I will be releasing these events

*more information about these events will be released to the members of the DDC when these events are revealed.[/i][ul]Gladiator Event
Last man standing
Fun Wars
Team Battle
Pit of Agony
[/ul]The Future

For now I have given you the basics of the clan, with a few members there isn’t much that can be done. I have thousands of events, boards, etc planned when we have enough members in the clan, and the clan is established. When this happens I will update this topic, and I will inform the members of the DDC. I have given you a taste above in the “events” section as to what I will do when we have more members. However that is only a preview more events, boards, mini clans, etc will be revealed exclusively to members of the DDC. So if you wish to find out what those are then you will need to be a member of the clan.


I encourage you to join the D3aths Door Clan (DDC) I can assure you that it will be the best thing you do in your pking career. If you are unsure about the DDC then come by and check us out, and perhaps that will encourage you to join.


Joining (Applications)

Also, if you are interested in joining, or attempt to join please read the information under " Forum Gates" it says…

  1. Register your account
  2. Validate your email address
  3. Login to your account

  1. If applying: go to the Member’s Application forum
  2. Read the rules and requirements, make sure you meet them
  3. Read any other pinned post (they are all important)
  4. Make an application, follow the outline
  5. If your application is correct you will become a member

Please follow the steps above when joining the DDC, also please post in the proper place do NOT post in any forum you want to. I have created specific forums for specific topics if you search for that specific forum you will find it.

please check your site i signed up

is this f2p or p2p?