Dama and demon X99 vs. Ksouth and Nestor

Demon and Dama V2.0:

Dama V2.0:


Ksouth and Nestor:



dama nice blending and i like how u placed c4d behind the render and good brushing. demon um down on the colors render effects r pretty cool bg is descent 8/10 for u guys.
ksouth it burns.
nestor u already saw my ranking for u
5/10 nestor is ur hole team

Yes one nothing already. Oh yea first to 20.

Plz post to tell who you voted for everybody.

of course…you host as soon as i get good:angry:…;)lol;)…:D…i pesonally vote for dama and demon…cuz my sig last time :censored:

Thanks Ksouth. No I didn’t I just got nestor’s sig for the battle. Though that is a good thoguht.

all of them are (no offence) really bad except demon and ksouth. demon’s rocks, it has great vivid colors; ksouth’s is bad at first glance, when you look more its better but a little dull and simple, try using brushing behind the motion blur and keep the render very bright (like you current).

Really you don’t like mine? Lot’s of other people did though I do agree with you on demon’s. Ksouth’s is not great.

tht was before i slaved for 2 days looking and staring…literally…:smiley:

I know you told me lol.

exactly:D…and now it’s 4-1…nesta musta voted for us:D

yep I’m pretty sure he did

Rofl Dama’s and Demon’s for the win.

dang…7-1:eek:…lol:D…if we lose…which we will…do we make you guys sig:confused::frown:

I think you probably will. >D But I think your giving them ideas.

I’ll ask demon if you have to.

Lol to save the blah blah blah bit I think Demon’s is outstanding, and nobody else can compare to them. That’s why Demon get’s my vote (and Dama V2.0).