Damage Inc Vs Devils Mini - war (Video)

Well im not really sure who the winner of this one is.

Damage Inc kept coming back after they died as you see dragonsabre died twice :lol:

the video is in 2 parts

copy and paste the link in your url or right click and click save target as.

part 1


part 2


Damage inc are blue capes

devils are red

enjoy :smiley:

lol daaaammmm thats some crazy shiiiiiii goin on in there lol
saw my first 30+ hit, yea im a noob i know lol

Well i found out devils won the war at the greater demons.

but we lost the battle in single combat a bit south of the axe hut.

also a clan called Rebles at War came in there in zamarok capes they didnt have many and didnt last long.

Edit if u pay attention theres some one on di wearing a drag med 8O :o

why dident you do the video so we could see that map and inventory? that would of been better

P.s, i’ve seen someone in wild wearing full dragon, skulled.

but he was lvl 111 and looked hard as nails lol, i wasent about to attackin him.

godlike fight omg nice lvls and hits :slight_smile:

crap man, rune arrows everywhere 8O 8O 8O . rune items left on the ground 8O 8O 8O 8O . i mean that just so amazing.
i wish i was a lvl 3 and i wandered into the wildy into the midly of thhe war and scored a cuple 100 rune arrows and sets of rune :twisted: :twisted:

my freind keeps doing that and made a couple of mil of it lol

the lvl 111 was probly in single combat so if he got attacked by like a lvl 120 he would of probly put on protect from melee and ran. :roll:

this is in multi and its a war and the person is still wearing a d med :?

Sweet, thats crazy dude. WOW!

i have a low low still freshly made charackter tell me when these wars are gonna hapen ill go in get this stuff and sell cheap and i mean cheap 2gp a rune arrow somethen like that since i cant use rune arrows on any of my accounts and i need full rune for my 2nd main

these kind of wars come out on short notice.

we will be pking then our leader will get a pm saying that the other clan is pking and they might ask for a mini war.

then both teams go gather some more people then 1 team waits at greater demons.

the other team charges and it begins.

best thing id say is be in a teamspeak server. Im always talking with ryno16, noxide, and charlie 187 so when theres a war usually one of them knows about it

wow kool

Noticed again Sim0n64 some thing like that is wearing ranger boots and high wayman mask

cant edit again but just wanted to say p2p trips are alot more insane then f2p trips :wink:

wow, kool lol

that was pure chaos if u ask .
im kinda glad im not a member and the 100s were green c=in the video

I didnt actually watch it, just tryin to be kool.LOL, not really.

can you gimme a list of all the music titles played?
much appreciated :smiley:

sorry i dont know who plays the music