Damage Inc Vs The destiny (video)

This mini war happend today

di are in the blue capes td are in the orange

heres some pics

and heres the video


When a commercial appears click on the yellow button to proceed.

dude thats FRICKEN awesome!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:

Cool, but what does it mean by Options?

divide the options by 3 and thats how many people we had left

Jeez that frickin insane!

watch the video people its at the bottom of the post

that is soooooooooooo amazing

What’s with the music? lol

in order

Within Temptation - Angels
Three Days Grace - Home
Static-X - Destroy All

Wow thats freaking sweet. I love these videos you post blink keep em’ rollin’.

i always post videos

Um… Hey blink… You’re so gonna kill my clan If/when we have the war… (See clan discussions)

dude thats alot of people dam and with full rune !!!

about 50 mil worth of rune on the battle field

Doesn’t seem like a fair fight… :\

Warrios > Rangers
Rangers > Wizards
Wizards > Warriors.

All the rangers didn’t have that great armor… Bleh… and the rangers arrows couldn’t have done that well on the rune armor…

thats why they killed mages?

Didn’t see any mages… at least not without rune armor on…

thats pretty sweet, videos a lil laggy tho prolly cuz theres so many ppl

you didnt watch the video then :wink:

Of course not. The link didn’t work for me.